Perspectives from the Himalaya

Our dearest Guests, we pen this love letter, an ode to your presence:

In the realm of our abode, a host’s concern awakes,
Where consumerism’s grip upon nature takes,
With hearts burdened by Earth’s fragile plight,
We beckon guests to tread with conscious light.

Here, the forest creatures are our esteemed peers,
So let’s cherish their presence, no need for fears.
This planet we share, both humans and critters,
Let’s be good stewards, not litterbugs and quitters.

Water, oh precious elixir, let us honour your grace,
Sip mindfully, for each filtered droplet we embrace.
From showers to toilets, let us practice frugality
Preserving this life-giving gift, our shared vitality.

Now, in the intimate quarters of privacy, let us jest,
For toilet paper is a topic we must address.
With careful use, in bins, it must stay
Avoid the flush for plumbing it betrays.

Ah, waste management, a weight on our shoulders,
No facilities in sight, we are the beholders.
Plastic water bottles, a menace in our hands,
A future burden, seeping through shifting hands.

With deepest affection and humble appeal,
Let conscience steer us, forging a love that’s real.
For in our collective efforts, we’ll surely find,
A legacy of stewardship, to leave no trace behind.

Now, with hearts ablaze, let’s embark on a grand adventure,
Hand in hand, protecting this land we’ll nurture.
Grateful for your understanding and fervent zest,
Together, with memories we’ll weave the best.

Yours faithfully,
The Stewards of Swara Retreat

The home of our neighbourly creatures, namely the deers, hares, tigers, monkeys and birds