Perspectives from the Himalaya

The Walls have a Story to Tell

In the absence of formwork,

A beauty presents itself.

The marriage of rough gravel,

Smooth sand and fine clay,

Reveals an unpredictable,

Monolithic rammed earth wall.

A rugged edge,

An unexpected crevice,

A chipped groove,

A smudge of bronze, copper,

Sienna, umber, terracotta and gold.

Surprising the eye,

Enticing the senses.

Over and over again,

The wall teases the viewer

With its stark nakedness

And stoic beauty.

Its stillness, is at once pacifying.

Yet, in all its imperfections

The amalgamation brings about

A perfect composition.

The rock of our home,

Our shelter, our abode

From the fury and caresses

Of Mother Nature –

The rain, wind, sun and hail.

Every wall, seemingly,

Has a story to tell.

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  1. Humbled and thrilled that you are reading! Lockdown with pen and paper here too.

  2. Ii Ling,

    I simply LOVE reading your adventures and this wonderful journey you and the boys are on. Sending you much love, thank you for sharing your stories 🙂

    Much love from us in Lockdown London !

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