Perspectives from the Himalaya


An incurable wanderlust, just watching the world go by:

Looking up, from humble little Earth,
Gaze returned, with poetry from the Sky.
Watching Clouds, old as Earth itself,
A calligraphy of water against the azure.
And upon zenith, tear on sun-kissed land.

Breeze whispers in one ear and out the other.
Flurrying dusty feet, of hairy honeyed bees
Sock in floral sprinkles and more in pollen baskets.
Arms of gust encircle eagles above rooftops,
On target, an escaped chick from the dreaded coop.

Beneath the embrace of life-giving trees,
Lace of leaves barricade the fold of Sky.
Sky peeks in, to spaces left between, Seeking
The dance of summer slipping into autumn,
And humming the sound of silence, always blue.

A lonely Cloud meets the capricious Breeze,
Off they went sweeping across the peaks.
A frolicking time they had in bold sight,
Shapeshifting into quivering dust of lust,
Entangled in spotlight of the lunar night.

Time passes swiftly, a new day dawns.
Stirred from his slumber, the loyal Sun aroused,
Moon bid goodnight and faded in yawns.
Without much ado Breeze left for another,
A vapouring fluff, explanation without.

A whirlwind of emotion swept through Cloud,
Shunned and dismissed, cried aloud.
“You shall hear my song and sorrow.
I shall plead at the Storm O’Mighty,
And with fury, all will share my furrow.”

With embrace, Sun beamed at the Cloud.
“Shower the sky with all your might,
Transform my rays into a kaleidoscope.
Fill their cups with your stories until they cry,
For life is beautiful because you are here.”

The spell was shattered in the last silver light.
Cloud burst with the wisdom of words,
She emptied herself so completely till she was none.
And from her giving, silence could be heard,
Just listen, to the waking of forest, creatures and sea.

“My absence is temporary for I will return.”
Hearing the language of celebration and gift,
Breeze blew her message far and wide.
Across the thirsty landscapes, they awaited
Sustaining Earth in her blue and green attire.

Astam, Nepal. October 2021.

The awakening of a wider ecological consciousness requires the celebration of our requite relationship with the rest of the living world. When we can hear the languages of other beings, we may begin to understand the generosity of the earth and learn to give our gifts in return.

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