Perspectives from the Himalaya

The Storm

In the dark night, wide awake to the howling and angst of the ruthless wind,

The thunder roared and rumbled repeatedly in waves of drum rolls.

Lashings of rain pelting the metal roofs incessantly drowning all voices,

Accompanied by swirling vortices of air and racing wind speeds.

She sent all creatures scurrying for shelter, huddled in terror and cold,

Tamed by her emotional deadly strikes and merciless wrath.

We lay low and humbled, silenced by her pre-monsoon grumps.

The power goes without saying, the solar bulb lights up a grateful face.

All electrical and electronics put aside. We have our torches at hand.

In bed we lay listening to the cacophony and symphony merged at play,

As she cries into the twilight, painting the black canvas with strikes of gold.

She pours in ecstasy, in elation, letting the flow soften her plight,

Being up and close, her rawness awakens and intensifies all senses.

At last, the finale came, a descending arpeggio, a sigh of relief. Solitude.

Realisation dawns. We live in her, we are a part of her, we are her.

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